Wicked Mint is a blog, home decor product line and graphic design firm run by Ryan Green.  I started designing and making handbags in 2003, which I sold online on my website and at NYC indie markets.  When I decided to focus more on home decor products I took on the name of my blog, Wicked Mint, as the name of my whole brand:  blog, shop, business.  This was around the time that ETSY became a big player in the handmade arena.  I decided to phase out my own ecommerce website and began to solely use ETSY for all my retail sales. 

I often get asked What does Wicked Mint mean?  During the 1980's, I was a kid growing up Massachusetts.  Eveyrone knows that New Englanders use the word wicked as way to describe something being extreme, ie:  wicked awesome.  Well,  the word mint was used to describe something being cool so, to say something was wicked mint was to say something was extremely cool or awesome.  I remember my cousins visiting from the South and they thought it was sooo weird that we said wicked mint.