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Peter Rabbit, cover your eyes!

Last year I turned on my computer and checked cnn.com to read an article about a giant bunny living in Germany. I'm talking 23 pounds. A 23 pound rabbit. That's pretty much my dream come true. I would ride it to work.

However, the North Korea government has hired Karl Szmolinsky, breeder of German Gray Giant rabbits, to breed rabbit to feed the impoverished country.

My brain is overloaded. I feel for the hungry people of North Korea, but these are bunnies! I'm still dealing with this news and trying to accept that some people in the world need to eat bunnies.

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Ha--this is one of our favorite photos. I've been sending it out to friends whenever that rabbit has come up in conversation over the last year or so (which happens surprisingly often)! Funny to see it on your blog!

March 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterThe McAuleys

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