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Love Birds: My Bridal Shower!!

On Saturday, my wonderful sister/maid of honor, Jaime, and my wonderful BFF/matron of honor, Allyson, along with my mom and family friend Pam, threw me the most gorgeous bridal shower in the world!

In my head this photo was going to look like an Anthropologie catalog. Meredith and Piper arrive after a long drive from NYC! The bridal shower games begin! My strong little friend held this present for a good 10 minutes. Abe arrives with beautiful flowers from Danielson Flowers!

and the food!!! Cutting the beautiful and delicious cake Carolyn made for me!

So many people helped make this a special day besides Jaime, Allyson, Pam and my mom.  My NYC friends who traveled to Massachusetts and sent flowers and presents, Bonnie - who brought all the booze, and Carolyn - who helped Allyson and Jaime with everything - including making the gorgeous cake!  Not to mention my dad, Abe, Ezra, Richard and Allyson's husband, Mike, and her mom and dad!  I can't say thank you enough, or even find the words to express how appreciative I am and how loved I feel.

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