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Margot and Matt Get Married!

This weekend was the beautiful wedding of Margot and Matt.  It took place in the Catskills of New York where we were surrounded by mountains, trees, rivers and a seriously awesome group of people.   Congratulations to a very special duo!!!! You'll have a lifetime of happiness together.

Hurricane Irene was looming near as the weekend festivities began Friday night with a fancy BBQ dinner, but she stayed away long enough for us to enjoy the scenary and toast marshmallows at the s'mores station.



Saturday was the BIG DAY and about 10 of us girls drove from the Emerson Resort to the Onteora Mountain House sip champagne while Margot put on her face.  Margot is the most stylish person I know and she seriously delivered with her wedding outfit.  Meredith and I had a photoshoot of Margot's wedding shoes for a good 15 minutes.

Alas, the forecasted hurricane started to sweep in just as we were leaving the Emerson for the wedding at the Onteora.  Honestly, we hardly noticed the gray skies and rain.  The views were still spectacular and the pavillion was warm and bursting with colors.

At the reception we had a delicious dinner and dessert, sweet toasts to the bride and groom, and dancing...LOTS and lots of dancing.

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