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Stuffed Quilt Sewing Project

This project was time consuming, but super easy and cheap! After hemming the guest room curtains I had 2 yards of nice charcoal gray fabric leftover (Ikea makes their curtains way long), and I also had stuffing from an extra couch cushion. I figured I would combine the two and try making a stuffed quilt. For the back of the quilt I used cute yellow/black/white fabric that I had in my attic stash, and then bought some blanket batting for the middle layer (not totally necessary, but makes the blanket a little smoother so you can't feel the seams).

Piles of fabric squares

Making the top of the quilt involved making fifty-six 7" stuffed squares, sewing them into strips of eight and then sewing the strips together into a larger square.  The alignment was a little off, precise measurements has never been my strong suit. 

Finally, I sewed the three layers (quilt, batting, back) together and trimmed the edges with light gray bias tape.


  • squares of fabric - 7" is manageable. You need one top and one bottom for every mini pillow.  Use cheap fabric for the bottom layer, no one will see it.  Chopping up an old sheet is a great way to reuse & upcycle!
  • stuffing (you only need a small handful for each mini pillow)
  • fabric for back of your blanket
  • blanket batting
  • bias tape

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