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Family Weekend in Philly

A couple weekends ago we had Green Family Weekend in Philadelphia. My sister and Ezra may be moving out of the city this summer so we wanted to fit in one more Philly trip.  On Friday night we laid low and went to a great Italian restaurant serving Napoletana style pizza called In Riva on the banks of the Schuylkill River in East Falls. 

Saturday we took the dogs swimming and watched a strange wedding take place on a bridge in the middle of the park.  They monopolized the only way to cross the river for too long and we considered letting the dogs make a break for it. 

Afterwards we went to Reading Terminal Market to pick up groceries for dinner.  My parents got us amazing steaks that my dad grilled, my mom made a big salad and asparagus, and the kids bought a selection of cannolis, tiramisu and eclairs for dessert.  All that was fun, but the biggest news of the day was that Comic Con was in town and one of the celebrity guests was Jason Priestly!

After Reading Terminal we drove home with a pit stop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art so my mom and I (and a half naked man) could run the Rocky steps.

On Sunday we walked down to the river to watch the Pro Cycling Tour race. I was a little worried that the bikes flying by would freak out the dogs, but they just lounged and enjoyed the view.

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