Craft Sunday - the debut!

So after oh, about 5 years of talk, I decided that 2008 will be the year my friends and I finally have craft parties. On Sunday I had 10 girls over to make our first project - Snow Globes! Directions are below. It was fun to find out that I can fit 10 people in my apartment - and it just got better when we tossed in mimosas, Bloody Marys, coffee, bagels and cream cheese! Lauren even made a nice little cheese plate.

The table of fun.

Colleen shows off her dinosaur diorama.

Piper shows off her dino in a tomato jar - this one didn't last too long. Make sure your jars seal tightly by using jars that formerly held foods - plus you get to recycle!

One of the best things was that I got to use all the glass jars I collect because I can't throw away anything. So save those pickle jars - you'll need them one day!


  • Glass jar with lid
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin
  • Glitter
  • Waterproof glue
  • Hot glue gun & glue

  • Fabric flowers look awesome floating in the water
  • Definitely get plastic trees - allows you to create a diorama
  • Use fast-drying glue. We used glue that needed to sit and it was a pain in the neck.
  • Use rocks, plastic bottle caps, other items to raise your little figurines
  • If you're trying to assemble a complicated scene you can use the hot glue to prop things together - but make sure to use the real waterproof glue too.
  • Glue your figurines, rocks, trees, etc... to the inside of your jar lid. MAKE SURE that the glass will fit over your figurines and that nothing is blocking the grooves to seal your jar.
  • Fill your jar with distilled water
  • Add a cap-full of glycerin to the water
  • Add a pinch of glitter, flowers, etc..
  • Screw on your lid
  • Seal the lid with hot glue
  • Shake and enjoy!


NEW! Yoga Mat Bags

Two styles available: Wildflowers and Prepster. You may remember the Prepster Poucho bag from 2006 when it made a tv appearance on the Today Show during the "Hottest Fall Fashions" segment featuring plaid fabrics. Now it is back in the shape of a yoga mat bag!


Happy Holidays

I just got back to Brooklyn after a mini-vacation up in Massachusetts with my family. It was a blast, but I am wiped - but not as wiped out as Paws. He had a very busy week entertaining and delivering gifts. It was a very Merry Christmas.


Levantate Con Vacilon

A new vandalism I've noticed on the subway platform is to cut out a piece of one poster and put it on another poster to make a hilarious new poster. It takes more skill than just drawing a penis on a forehead and it is a great use of people making silly poses. I saw this one on my stop and even though I was sick and it was 8:30am I was cracking up.


Strike a pose

I had been thinking about sewing together a yoga bag for a long time. When I go to yoga I'm usually jamming my mat into my El Sloucho bag, or carrying it under my arm - anything to avoid buying a $50 hippie sack from a yoga catalog. Don't get me wrong - I'm semi-crunchy- I compost, enjoy tie-dye and peace, save water in the shower to use on my plants, and make body scrub from used coffee grounds. However, the hemp fiber yoga bags I usually see around don't really jive with my style. Therefore, I forced myself to come up with a yoga bag and it actually turned out really awesome. I sold the only 3 I made in one day and I'm going to to come out with a few more colors & prints.

They're not my website yet so email me if you'd like to reserve one: