Keeper of Secret

Warning: This is kind of gross. A couple weeks ago I picked up a sailor's knot bracelet when I was at the beach (Jersey Shore). I get one of these every year. I think it goes back to childhood when all the cool teenagers would wear them (especially lifeguards), but I still think they are the greatest summer accessory. Plus I decided that my look for the summer is "yacht chic".

Anyway, the problem is that mine is starting to smell like stale water. I know, it's really gross. It's a bizarre topic that doesn't typically come up in conversation, but when it does it's so funny because everyone knows what you're talking about. I mentioned it to a few of my friends and I got comments like " doesn't take long for those things to take on the scent of a cast after its been on your arm for a month." and "just wait till you go swimming in the ocean a little, sweat some more - those things are the keeper of secrets."


Awesome News

I just read that San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to become the first U.S. city to ban plastic bags from large supermarkets to help promote recycling.

This is awesome news! I hope New York City is next in line. It drives me NUTS how many bags float (literally) through this city. If you go to the grocery store they automatically double-bag your groceries. Even if you are just buying some bananas. And so many times I've paid for my items and said "Oh, I don't need a bag" and then seen the cashier throw the bags away if they already ripped some off the rack for my items. Plus if you walk down any street with trees you'll see several plastic bags caught in the limbs like deflated baloons.

I'm not saying I am guilt-free of using plastic bags, but if this was a city-wide ban and we had to stop using them it would be A-OK with me. And not just because plastic bags are competition for us non-plastic bag designers.

Read about San Francisco's ban on plastic bags here.


Meet the Neighbors Night

Last night Abe and I had dinner with our downstairs neighbors. (Hi Michelle and Craig!) We've lived in this building for 2 months now but really met each other yet (weird considering there are only 4 units in the building). They're really nice and it's so fun to have new friends living right downstairs...I can wear my slippers when I go see them. They made a delicious meal from a recipe Michelle saw on Rachel Ray and then she made this dessert that seriously made me want to cry of happiness: WINTER-SPICED MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKES!


My first Threadless Submission

Ok, so after a year of spending several hours per week on the website I finally got the bizalls to submit my own design. It's my first, and there is plenty of room for improvement, but I figured I better just do it!

So please check out my design and give it a score...constructive critques are encouraged too. And also browse the rest of the site, there are some amazing illustrations out there. It's like visiting an art gallery.

My design:
My Submission


Peter Rabbit, cover your eyes!

Last year I turned on my computer and checked to read an article about a giant bunny living in Germany. I'm talking 23 pounds. A 23 pound rabbit. That's pretty much my dream come true. I would ride it to work.

However, the North Korea government has hired Karl Szmolinsky, breeder of German Gray Giant rabbits, to breed rabbit to feed the impoverished country.

My brain is overloaded. I feel for the hungry people of North Korea, but these are bunnies! I'm still dealing with this news and trying to accept that some people in the world need to eat bunnies.

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