Shrewbury in NYC

My friend of 25 years, David, was visiting this weekend with our other Shrewsbury friend, John. Thursday night we went to see two different bands - each containing a friend or two from Shrewsbury: Campaign for Real Time and Abigail Warchild. Friday night we went out dancing at Hugs in Willamsburg and when the music started to get too loud for our old ears we went over to Zablowskis (we decided we really like this bar and should go more often). Chelsea built a really long straw.


Melt Everything in My Mouth

Abe and I went over Chelsea and Sam's house to have a French onion soup and chocolate fondue for dessert. Good lord, everything is better melted. I was a happy camper, but my breath was toxic the next morning.


Juicy Treasure

Something pretty freaking amazing happened to me today. I went to good ol' local C-Town grocery store and blood oranges were 8 for $2. I nearly died. I took all the blood oranges in sight up to the cash register and there seemed to be some sort of confusion. I think they were priced incorrectly, but no one cared and I left with a sack of citrus gold.


Ceramics: King of the Forest

I finished my lynx mask back in December, but I just finally got around to hanging it on the wall and taking photos of the finished product. He is on our living room wall looking over his domain. Click here and here to see his earlier stages.

Abe is slightly disturbed that I have been collecting the whiskers our cat, Paws, sheds and sticking them in the lynx mask, but I am an artist! (I need to think of a good artist b.s. line about mixing reality with inanimate objects.)

The fact is that I just think it's kind of awesome- and I'm a crazy cat lady and there's nothing I can do to control myself.


Christmas in January

Tonight Abe surprised me with my Christmas present - yeah, a few weeks late, but I knew it was coming sooner or later. It was a well thought out move if you have ever been to NYC during the winter holiday season. I say that because he brought me to the tourist attraction called Top of the Rock (the observation deck at Rockefeller Center). We are big on rooftops and this one has been on our list for a while so it was pretty exciting. Thanks to the mild weather this week we were able to hang outside and watch the sun set. I don't care if it is a tourist attraction, everyone should go up there at least once and see the 360 degree views of the city. Also, Channel 4 news was on the deck doing the weather forecast so we got to stand in the background and wave our hands around (we didn't actually do this - we just watched everyone else doing it, it was so much funnier).

Central Park

Empire State Building